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Many people have seen Claddagh engagement ring before and did not understand the meaning behind the project . There is a remarkable and memorable classic design between two hands of a heart with a crown on top. As with many ancient Irish culture, the history of this ring was discussed. The story that is most popular is on Richard Joyce, who was a young fisherman from the village of Claddagh in County Galway. The story goes that the Algerian pirates captured Joyce and his companions in Africa and sold as slaves. Joyce bought a goldsmith and taught him the trade. The slaves were freed in 1689, when Joyce returned to Ireland and made ??the first Claddagh ring then submit to his beloved . Even after their marriage, Joyce continued in the jewelry trade in Ireland.

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Another legend gives credit to Margaret Joyce, who, after the death of her wealthy husband , Spanish, gave the rest of his life to building bridges and charity. The legend continues to say that Margaret was awarded by an eagle for his charity work by dropping a gold ring on his knees, which became the first Claddagh engagement ring . Many other legends link the ring on Celtic Christianity and ancient history , symbolism and meaning that both the show ring. Whichever legend you like the most , the meaning of the ring are all the same – loyalty , friendship and love. Hands in the heart symbolize friendship, the heart symbolizing love and setting crown on top symbolizes loyalty .

claddagh engagement ring diamondThe Claddagh engagement ring is the epitome of the phrase: That is why it is perfect for someone you love gift ” Let love and friendship reign forever . ” . Other than the symbolism of the hand, heart and crown, as the ring is worn much sense : For those not in a relationship , the ring should be worn on the right hand with the heart facing the bottom of the hand, which means they are open to love. For those who are related , the ring should be worn on the right hand with the crown pointing fingers , which means that you are committed . For those who are married, the ring is worn on the left hand with the crown pointing fingers , which means that your heart is taken . Many times a couple will change the position of the rings during their marriage.

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