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The most famous diamonds in the world are colored diamonds because they do not have it in your engagement ring? You might get a yellow diamond like the Tiffany diamond or perhaps a blue like the Hope Diamond . Another popular color is pink. In fact, Colored diamond engagement rings are becoming a trend among celebrities and common people.

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More purchasing a colored diamond for your ring may be a better investment. Colored diamonds have an amazing financial track record . In more than 30 years , the value of colored diamonds has never decreased on wholesale market. In fact, blue and pink diamonds have doubled every 5 years of a strong economy. If you have invested in a Colored diamond engagement rings , you can make a killing , in fact, a blue diamond of high quality could go for $ 50,000 in 1970 and also in 1970, the stone would be worth between 2 and 3 millions today!

Colored diamond engagement rings blackWhile natural Colored diamond engagement rings are quite expensive, gemologists have developed new ways to create versions that are affordable for the average person . They do this by treating less desirable diamonds with irradiation followed by intense heat . This amazing process turns brown and yellowish diamonds into beautifully colored diamonds that you can afford. It can also produce beautiful green red, blue , yellow, purple and other colors. Although these colors are considered permanent , there is a possibility that could change during repairs if a high heat is used .

If you are shopping for an engagement ring with a colored diamond stone , you should probably assume that something affordable distance has been processed. If you are not sure ask questions about the origin of the stones and asked to see a certified laboratory to verify its authenticity.

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