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Engagement rings on fingers , The selection of engagement rings is something that has been done since ancient times. The concept of an engagement ring is centered on the traditions and religious beliefs of many countries. And ” the world symbol of love and commitment that man does with eternal woman. As we know , a circle represents eternity and in ancient times the Egyptians took the ring as a symbol of eternal bond between two people who intend to marry. This particular finger is thought to have veins that lead directly to the heart called the vena amoris meaning vein of love from the Romans.

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Traditionally, an Engagement rings on fingers is offered to women by men as a precursor to a wedding band . It is the symbol of a formal marriage agreement in the near future. These rings can be purchased from the man of the pair or each other.

Engagement rings on fingers 2014In Western culture , the engagement ring is the fourth finger of the left hand. There are a number of reasons why this was the finger of choice for decades. Some of these reasons are highlighted below. On the other hand, in some countries such as Spain and Germany the engagement ring finger is actually the fourth finger of the right hand. This is another custom that dates back to antiquity , and is released by the thought that the Latin word for left and right have different meanings . Left is derived from the Latin word “Left” and the Latin word ” Dexter,” which changed the dexterity hence the choice of the left was not considered to have a good sense . In other cases , the choice of the Engagement rings on fingers depends on the religion of the person. According rings particular beliefs can be right or left hand engagement worn. It was noted one exception in history, with particular reference to the monarchies that was offered left hand where a high level of noble married to a low position or class.

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