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Green amethyst wedding ring is a member of the quartz family which means that its chemical composition is silicon dioxide . Minerals trace elements or other metal catalysts are the color of the stone. Now , a purple amethyst is … Or is it? This stone can start purple, but with a heat treatment, either on the ground or in a laboratory, shades of green are removed.

Natural green amethyst is also called prasiolite . The name comes from the Greek word ” prason ” and ” lithos ” meaning ” leek stone. ” So, at the time of the discovery , the color appears in shades of green leeks and other vegetables.

Natural stones are rare, but the growing popularity of the stone encouraged laboratory heat treatments to increase availability . Another treatment that is done to achieve green quartz is irradiation. This process uses the colorless quartz and produces lighter shades of green . It ‘ also less expensive than amethyst prasiolite , or green.

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Where did they come from?
Quartz is found all over the world . The Green amethyst wedding ring variety that contains the necessary iron to green transition is mainly in Brazil. Zimbabwe is another important place of mineral deposits. Pendants green amethyst stone , probably from Brazil or Zimbabwe , but there are also mines in the United States . Arizona and along the border between California and Nevada have deposits of beautiful green gemstone .

Green amethyst wedding ring 2014special properties
Quartz has special properties , scientific and mystical . According to some , Green amethyst wedding ring or other parts may be , to put the ‘ user in touch with your spiritual side. It is also believed to bring luck to the wearer .

As a family, quartz is believed to enhance psychic abilities , that is why it is often used to make crystal balls and scrying stones . Regarding the scientific properties , quartz can become magnetic when heated as or rubbed . This property is why it is used in electronics.

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