Hippie Wedding Dresses for You Who Plan An Extraordinary Wedding

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For the most special day of your life, you will prepare many things including a wedding dress. Nowadays, there are many styles of wedding gowns, from the ordinary to the unique ones. If the conventional white gown is too common because most women option it on their wedding, you can choose hippie wedding dresses.

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If you believe in value of peace and harmony represented by a dress, you should go in for hippie wedding dresses. Those dresses will be something different and make you stand out from the crowd. There are values that you put forth on your wedding day. This non-traditional wedding dress is a good option for you who want to show a particular kind of personality to choose for one. With some tips on the kind of dresses, hippie or bohemian clothing style will be perfect for you big day.

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The main concept of hippie clothing for women is all about expressing one’s individuality. So, the belief that following the latest fashion trends is like being in a rat race should be avoided. The hippie style focuses on nature and its philosophy is that it can bring calm in one’s life. Some inspirational prints on hippie dresses are flowers, sea, clouds, trees and animals. Wearing clothes from natural material, such as cotton, is another thing you should keep in mind if you prefer hippie style.

A handmade dress is an option if you are looking for an inexpensive hippie wedding dress. You can make from either cotton or chiffon. You can sew sequins or mirrors in the gown yourself or opt for patchwork. You are able to add accessories form either wood, metal, stone or glass, but make sure that it is not overdone. Long necklaces and chandelier earrings will be perfect accessories, too.

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When deciding the hippie wedding theme, all you need is only to follow the bohemian adage of “anything goes”, mix and match a few clothes and accessories. An interesting and different looking wedding dress with hippie style will slightly take off attention from your body. It will look very flattering on you. This wedding dress is all about being yourself, being daring and thinking out of the box.

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  • hippie wedding dresses vintage
  • hippie wedding dresses urban
  • hippie wedding dresses inspiration
  • hippie wedding dresses idea
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