Lace Wedding Dresses: How to Clean Your Lace Wedding Dress

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Lace wedding dresses become popular now. You can easily find this style on sale online stores or you can also book it from a wedding gown designer. The most important thing when you have a wedding dress is to know how to clean and keep it in style.


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When cleaning lace wedding dresses, you will need extra time and specific methods to prevent damaging the lace. If cleaned improperly, lace can come apart or stained because of using wrong chemicals. You should try these specific methods in order to keep your lace on multiple wedding gowns form damaging the lace. The special methods to clean multiple gowns without damaging stock are also important for you who own a gown rental business.

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The first step to clean lace wedding dresses is to make sure the cleaning supplies you need. You should pay more attention to the hemline. Your train which is like a great, big mop will be dirty. Soak the dirty hem in a clean bathtub using warm water for a couple hours if possible. Use a toothbrush and the liquid detergent to clean the hemline. Make sure not to scrub vigorously on lace or trims. Check the dress linings for dirt as well. Clean the hem of all layers carefully and rinse the hem thoroughly when you are completed.

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Secondly, turn the dress bodice inside out and spray the lining of the bodice area with the soap and water solution. You can use a toothbrush and the detergent when cleaning perspiration stains. After that, the skirt lining is the next part to clean. If your dress has many layers of lining in the skirt, make sure to look over all of them and clean all the stains you find.

Thirdly, look over the outside of the dress very carefully and spot clean any stains you might find. Spray the spot with a sudsy spray solution first. Use the toothbrush very gently if necessary. If you are satisfied with the cleaning of your dress, fill the bathtub with warm water and place the whole dress carefully in the tub. Then, swish the dress around in the water to rinse out soaps from the previous cleaning process. Let the water drain and then fill the tub again and repeat the process.

Dry the dress but it should be “line” dried. Don’t hang it on а hanger. Place the dress so the weight is equally distributed over the rack. The dress will be dried for several hours and the bulk of the water has dripped away. After that, you may carefully spread any layers of tulle in the skirt or lining and smooth out all wrinkles in the dress as much as possible. You may choose a dry-cleaner to steam your dress, or you may press it yourself. You can also press it by yourself, but wash and dry your ironing board cover first to remove any dirt, starch, or sizing.

With proper cleaning and care the beautiful wedding dresses can keep well for 20 years or even longer and you can wear it more than one time. A restoration or alteration of a gown is considerably less costly than purchase of a new gown.

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