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When most people think of colored Light green diamond ring , their minds turn to rubies, sapphires and emeralds and in most cases they would be right . However , for lovers of jewelry, should also consider the most beautiful shiny stones , precious and durable of all – the diamond ! Most people do not realize that diamonds are available in different colors from light . The industry of diamond jewelry called “white” . However, the jewelry lover knows that the best informed of the world’s diamonds are available in a rainbow of colors.

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First, colored Light green diamond ring are the most popular all natural. This means that the background color are educated and are not treated or altered in any way to highlight or improve their color. A diamond must be certified by a gemological laboratory to be called natural . Natural colored diamonds represent less than 1 % of all rough diamonds processed .

Natural colored diamonds can be a primary color or modified with one or more secondary colors . Natural colored diamonds are also classified in a different color from white diamonds. Naturally colored diamonds are classified in this order: small , very light , light, fancy light, fancy , fancy dark , fancy intense , fancy deep , and vivid imagination . With the majority of natural diamonds colored stones are the most desirable fantasy bright neighbors.

Light green diamond engagement ringThe color Light green diamond ring less rare natural color is yellow . Natural diamonds obtained yellow for the presence of nitrogen in the carbon lattice . One of the most famous yellow diamonds in the world is “incomparable” , a shield-shaped diamond cutting phase 407.48 carat fancy yellow brown classified , but internally flawless . Connoisseur Louis Glick is the owner of this stone after twice tried unsuccessfully to auction “incomparable” with a reserve price of 20 million dollars .

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