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Marquise engagement rings , The allure of exclusive wedding rings is such that celebrities fall over themselves to try to outdo one or the other when it comes time to propose . Millions of pounds and dollars are spent trying to get the last ring for women who have everything. However, for those who have a smaller budget , in the form of diamond engagement rings provide a way to have designs that are original and beautiful time, without spending a fortune.

Many different diamond cuts available, rings marquise cut diamond offers a particularly unique and flattering. This cup was originally designed by jewelers for the Sun King, Louis XIV of France , who were invited to a diamond shape to reproduce the smile of his beloved Marquise . Born from the desire and love as it is, what could be more romantic or elegant Marquise engagement rings ?

As a member of the class sizes modified brilliant diamonds , which means it has the exceptional shine and brilliance of the traditional and most popular cut round brilliant . In addition, the particular form has the advantage of lengthening the finger giving it a more slender and delicate appearance. Combined these functions and has a ring that is a sure fire winner .

marquise engagement rings goldThe proportions perfect for a Marquise engagement rings is that the length must be exactly twice the width . One thing to look for when buying a diamond with this cut is that it is poorly cut , then it can suffer from the effect of ” bow tie ” . If no light is reflected or refracted inside and outside of the stone because the facets are not properly positioned correctly, then a black box may appear from which no brilliance or fire originated. Although many marquise diamonds may suffer from this phenomenon, it is only when it is big enough to become a problem and seriously affect the spark that is a problem.

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