Medieval Wedding Dresses: How To Make It Yourself

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There are many romantic styles of wedding gown and medieval wedding dresses is one of them. This style is full of elegance, wonderful simplicity and has long, sweeping skirts and sleeves. You will be more comfortable with its simplicity. If you compare to the modern meringue style, this medieval dress is much easier to make. You can make it by yourself with some simple terms of construction. If you are familiar and know your way around a sewing machine, you can easily make one yourself. Before making your own medieval wedding dress, there are some tips for you.

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To make medieval wedding dresses, the fabrics you can choose are silks, velvets and brocades. You are able to go for natural fibres rather than synthetic because synthetics are horribly sticky and do not breathe. Then, you can freely decide the color because you have complete choice. Medieval people loved strong, rich colors which are the sign of wealth as dye was expensive. Until Victorian times, white was rarely used for wedding dresses.

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For accessories, you may let your hair loose with a circlet of flowers. In medieval times, there were no wedding veils. However, you can choose veil if you want. You can make your own simple medieval veil by cutting an oval form fine linen or silk. Then, use it with a simple silver or gold circlet. For shoes, you’d better use simple slippers since heels weren’t invented at that time. You will also look cheesy when wearing heels with a medieval dress.

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Medieval wedding dresses use the modern bodice block pattern. Some brides prefer a princess line then simply add the fullness to each skirt piece. The original medieval style has simple way of cutting dresses. It also uses very economical fabric and you will get a more authentic line.

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The pattern for the body is a single long rectangle, shoulder width, with the neck out of the middle. The sleeves are also rectangles. They have no shaping in sleeve head or arm hole. You can cut them just wide enough for your arm movement.

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The dress pattern is all rectangles and triangle. That’s why you can cut it very economically. In addition, you may also add a train at the back, change the neckline or add looser, longer sleeves to make a little different on your dress.

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