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Today , I make a brief overview of Neil Lane engagement rings . I clicked to and it is quite clear that this designer did everything to be at the top of cutting -edge style and design . Most of the models in the collection of very vintage or antique inspired.

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The first thing that struck me in the Neil lane engagement ring , is that they seem to be real engagement ring photo . Unlike many catalogs and websites where the images of jewelry are almost 100% produced by CAD and Photoshop. My trained eye can reassure you that the way in which this photograph was made , I can clearly see every single piece bead set pavé diamonds . The stones seem to be set right and beautiful wood and thin but distinct hand engraving adds the antique / vintage look well done these rings . Anyone bench jewelers are that are producing these parts , they are obviously very skilled diamond setter hand engravers .

Convinced that finished in these photos Photoshop is inside the ring shank which is not uncommon for jewelry areas is one of the most difficult in the world to photograph.

neil lane engagement ring DesignFrom what I can see the line of Neil lane engagement ring is sold exclusively at Kay jewelers prices ranging from $ 15,000 to -2300 input level.

In general , I find Neil Lane engagement rings well-designed and well finished . The diamonds appear to be beautifully by skilled diamond organizations .

Neil lane engagement ring qualityThe only thing that does not really discuss on the website of Neil lane engagement ring is the average color and clarity of the diamonds used in these beautiful rings . I ‘m looking forward to seeing the product live and get more details about them.

I think because the product is treated with Kay Jewelers , the part of the product line will be a lot of SI2 – I1 – I2 in terms of clarity , color wiser probably can not be GHIJ or somewhere within this range .

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