Peacock Wedding Ideas are Back to Nature

Friday, June 21st, 2013 - Wedding Themes

Wedding ideas are many. you can choose the suitable one that very appropriate with your style. Peacock wedding ideas  can make your wedding colorful. The peacock feather gives you a color palette of bright aqua, rich teal, vivid emerald, intense lime and a soft white for the fabric materials and decorations. A solid aqua blue tablecloth set with bright lime green plates and wine glasses create a peacock ambiance. Continue the theme with a fan folded turquoise napkin inside the plate or a pocket folded one with a peacock feather and silverware nested in the pocket. Include peacock feather pens for guests as wedding favors.

peacock wedding ideas and suppliespeacock wedding ideas and supplies

peacock wedding ideas and supplies

A wedding cake iced in teal with many colors peacock feathers piped on the sides, instead of flowers carries the theme through the reception. Or, consider an actual peacock created out of sugar as a topper for the cake rather than the traditional bride and groom. The cake should be several layers and iced in the colors of the feather or wedding colors used for decorations. Actually, it is not difficult to make peacock wedding ideas as the theme on your wedding. You just need to play with the color. That is also can be applied in wedding invitation.

peacock wedding ideas hawaiian

peacock wedding ideas hawaiian

When your guests plant the invitation, they will grow a colorful bouquet of flowers. That is why, make sure your wedding invitation is eco friendly, so it will complete your wedding theme. What else? Nothing, you just need to remember the peacock concept “back to nature”.   About the dress, dress the wedding party in various shades of blue, greens and teal with each wearing a different color. When the group is standing side by side it will present as a striking color combination when the colors gently fade into each other. Shoes worn by the wedding party as well as the bride can have a painted, muted color or wear an anklet with a small decorative feather. Peacock wedding ideas are awesome, isn’t it?

peacock wedding ideas pretty

peacock wedding ideas pretty

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  • peacock wedding ideas hawaiian
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