Side Ponytail Wedding Hair Becomes Popular in Modern Era

Wednesday, August 14th, 2013 - Hairstyles

what is the popular wedding hair today? If you see lately in the television, not only short hair women, long hair women also like to have side ponytail wedding hair to attend the wedding event or become the bride wanna be. Some of women said that it makes them look younger than their real age. Side ponytails can be created on any length of hair due to the easy attachment of clip-in ponytails, temporary or semi-permanent hair extensions. Side ponytails can be double up and wrapped into side buns, twists, loops and chignons. One of the key advantages to a side pony is that most people can create their own customized side pony at home with the help of hot irons, hot rollers or even wet sets.

side ponytail wedding hair snsd

side ponytail wedding hair snsd

Classic straight side ponytail hairstyles get a twisty update, for a romantic yet and sexy look. If you want your straight side ponytail with a twist to amaze, then add in a cute hair accessory. This is another creativity of side ponytail wedding hair. Besides, curly side ponytail hairstyles are very dramatic, but unbelievably beautiful. You’ll need just the right dress and makeup to compliment your chic side ponytail hairstyles. Try it or you will regret it later. For brides wanting to look exquisite yet feminine, it is a great choice. If you’re a future bride worried that your thin hair can’t do any magic tricks, curly side ponytail wedding hairstyles will add volume that will last throughout your entire special day. Choose to add twists or braids and have fun with hair jewelry!

side ponytail wedding hairstyles with flowers

side ponytail wedding hair with flowers

Side ponytail wedding hair not only popular in western, but also in Asia. Specially Korean. Do not worry if you think you are not suitable to try this kind of hair style because your face shape. It is suitable for any face shape. Side ponytail are incredibly versatile hairstyles for medium-length to longer hair. For a hotter look you can add messy curls,twists and brides to turn even the simplest side ponytail hairstyles into real fashion statements. If you’re only going out with friends, then straight side ponytail hairstyles are just perfect. For more special events, like proms and weddings, curly side ponytail hairstyles will create unique, sophisticated looks.

side ponytail wedding hair with veil

side ponytail wedding hair with veil

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