Unique engagement rings without the use of diamonds

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The day comes in everyone’s life and the choice of an engagement ring is a big problem because you want it to be perfect. However, when it comes to choosing some will find that diamonds are the best friends of every girl . There are girls who want to have their Unique engagement rings in their way. The problem most people are comfortable to buy diamond rings traditional inventory of a jeweler. Whatever your choice is what is important are the feelings of love for each other without precedent. And it is true that most people like to embody their feelings through a unique engagement ring .

unique engagement rings black diamonds

Diamond rings are so common now a day which makes them less special and less unique. However, if you want to have Unique engagement rings without diamonds , there are many alternatives he / she can choose. There are many varieties of beautiful design even without a ring diamond stone attached to the band.

Types of unique engagement rings without diamonds

Colored Gemstone :

The first option is the color of gem. Opt for a gemstone color, sapphire , emerald , ruby, turquoise and aquamarine gemstone sizes and clarity are the best option to use for your own unique engagement rings . Note that the character of each piece should be match with the carrier.

Mokume ring :

Another option is Mokume ring is absolutely unique. Having almost looks like marble, it sounds dates back to the time of the samurai , but it is used to decorate samurai sword . It is created by layering and bonding metals metals each have different colors. A mokume ring may include platinum, silver , gold and copper. Replication of these rings types are practically impossible , we will certainly feel its uniqueness. It’s a bit cheaper than its gold and platinum rings .

Damascus steel ring :

unique engagement ring designsDamascus steel ring is a unique blend of several layers of two types of forged together to make a steel band . It reproduces the strength and beauty that used in ancient swords by hand by craftsmen Syrians there are over a thousand years . These Unique engagement rings are for men and women, are as unique as the person wearing them . An alternative to titanium are resistant to corrosion . People who prefer a classic look, you can go to a Damascus steel strip of gold channel wrought in it. You can also create a rock band to make it more luxurious.

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