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Victorian engagement rings and in fact the oldest has a particular charm about jewelry, no matter where it comes from . The difference with Victorian engagement rings is that in the time of Queen Victoria, was a time of romance , which begins with the marriage of Queen Victoria to her beloved Prince Albert . This is probably the most motivating for those who want to wear a ring Victorian engagement factor , the fact that it symbolizes true love.

Victorian wedding traditions are charming , much like Victorian engagement rings . Among the traditions still exist today and many of them have fallen by the wayside , but the truth is that a romantic wedding has some truly Victorian traditions attached . For example, permission to marry a young woman has been given by his father and , once granted, a special dinner and toasts will be held for the young couple .

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Typically, the Victorian engagement rings was a diamond , but it was also often be a ruby or emerald. Keep in mind at this time , diamonds worn during the day have been deprecated and only married women wore a diamond during the day. If a single woman wore one, it was assumed that she had been given the jewelry by a lover. The crown jewels sometimes written love words. Usually , the wedding date would be no more than three months after the engagement was announced in June and weddings were very popular, as June was considered a lucky month .

victorian engagement rings for saleDuring ” the Victorian era, the supply of gold and diamonds was very limited and therefore jewelers had to think out of the box and get creative with their designs . This resulted in open designs Victorian engagement rings in yellow or pink gold light work making use of filigree, purl , piercing, and embossing techniques . Strips and sheets of gold were made in a roll then engraved and chased . The appearance of all these techniques used the minimum amount of precious gold while paying appearance of mass.

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