Victorian Wedding Dresses: A Timeless Style with Modesty

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victorian wedding dresses 2013

Victorian wedding dresses are generally intricate, elegant and modest. The style of dress is able to be worn by every bride. Women in Victorian era mostly took great pride in their appearance. Nowadays, there are many fashion traits from that era remain popular.

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When Queen Victoria married Albert in 1840, she wore a white lace dress and veil. Then, the trend in Victorian era simply wore their best dress for their wedding ceremony. They didn’t matter the color. In Queen Victoria’s wedding, a bridal trend was growing. It started when she wore orange blossoms in her hair. Many today’s brides fall in love with that trend. Although Victorian wedding dresses were expensive, Victorian brides’ families would often save for months to ensure that their daughter was able to imitate Victoria’s look on her own wedding day.

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Victorian wedding dresses are identical with corset. The wedding gowns are perfect for today’s modern bride who wants elegance with a bit of a sexy touch in achieving a timeless look. Moreover, a wedding dress with corset gives every bride a perfect figure, it helps add curves to a thin figure making it look like a fuller size, and it helps trim down the waistline and give proper curves to a plus-sized woman, giving her a sexy look. Initial gowns with corset were created and shown up inside the Victorian era. That is why some call most of these garments Victorian wedding gowns.

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When talking about materials of corset wedding dresses in Victorian era, there is a range of selections. Silk and satin are the best since both are velvety. For the corset, you can choose either the full one-piece corset or maybe а two-piece dress using corset. Furthermore, corsets will match with various kinds of sleeves. Ladies prefer sleeveless corset gown using a slightly low V neck.

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Many modern brides choose unique wedding dresses in different colors. Thus, bridal corsets are available in various colors including white, ivory, light pink, peach and light blue for use with lighter colored dresses. Like other wedding dress styles, Victorian bridal dresses consist of a lot of fabric and folds to make sure the modest appearance of the bride. Despite this, modern brides are still able to appear slim and slender due to a tight corset or bodice worn underneath their dress.

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