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Adding a classical sense of wedding dress can be do by putting lace on the dress. Wedding lace dress is motly used by couple who want to have a classical wedding.  Modern wedding dress also bring back the lace concept on their dress. Do not worry about the designs of lace dress. you still can look stylish although you use a lace dress. In 2013 one of the most important trends in the bridal fashion industry is lace. Although for some of the latest years lace was beginning to fade away out of fashion, lace has made a spectacular comeback since the royal wedding and Kate Middleton’s dress. Now designers are using more and more lace in their collections of wedding dresses, trying to create contemporary styles using a fabric whose conception was made in the late 15th century and early 16th century. So an element with an impressive tradition an with a large historical background. Nonetheless , every collection now features designs which incorporate lace and details into the dresses, hoping to retain their contemporary look and the brand values in the same time.

wedding dress lace on top

wedding dress lace on top

The wedding lace dress used this season tend to be as little flashy as possible, with subtle flower designs and feminine lines. The patterns for the lace are inspired from the silky Chantilly and Alencon laces, with beautiful flowers and textures made using lots of fine detailing. As an iconic, longtime staple of bridal design, lace hardly offers a surprise to the world of wedding dresses. Yet, somehow, this fine, feminine fabric felt new again on the Spring 2013 runways, invigorating gowns with a fresh (sometimes sleek, sometimes rustic) perspective on how appliqués, trims, and overlays take shape around the body. Of course, it didn’t hurt that almost every collection presented at least one look layered in lace, making this a watershed moment for the top textile of the season.

wedding lace dress popular

wedding lace dress popular

Designers interpreted the lace trend in various ways. H Some fashion forward designers have showcased ultra feminine wedding lace dress that were detailed to the hilt.But all this detailing was done to be as subtle as possible. Nothing was bling , but the multitude of details crammed into the dresses all belonged to the same ultra-feminine vision. Other designers combined statement flower detailing with dramatic lace skirts to create a chic look. In the same theme other designers were inspired by country chic and created romantic looks , which had a bit of country in them, a bit of hippie romanticism and an air of vintage in the lacework.

wedding dress lace 2013

wedding lace dress 2013


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